SHELiB Center facilities are located on the 2nd floor of the NCF building.

NASA MIRO students working on the MBraun Intergrated Glovebox Metal (lithium) Vaper Deposition and Spin coating Systems for research and education.

NASA MIRO student, Levon Leban, working with the low pressure chemical vapor deposition.

NASA MIRO student, Joshua Adkins, operating an electric coin cell crimping machine inside a glovebox for CR2OXX button cells.

200C Max-Glovebox compatible 6T hydraulic lamination hot press with temp.

NASA MIRO student, Kayla Strong, working with the Rigaku Miniflex x-ray power diffraction.

250C vacuum oven with programmable controller and flowmeter

MBraun Metal evaporation and Lithium battery testing equipment.

MBraun glovebox with a spin coating equipment with UV cure capability.

High energy vertical planetary ball mill for battery material processing.

NASA MIRO student Ke'La Kimble doing research using the automated double magnetron gun sputtering system.

Arbin Battery Tester 2000

Gamry Potentiostats (REF 600 and interface 1000) both connected to the glovebox.

Perkin Elmer TGA