Academics July 30 2019

Cleopatra Singleton 21' received the inaugural scholarship from the Jane Club in honor of the first female mayor of New Orleans. According to the Directors of The Jane Club, the organization is seeking to rewrite the rules between women and work. It is the first and only community and work-space with onsite childcare that is designed with amenities needed by mothers - a work-space, child care and an entire village of services, experiences and products. In recognizing Mayor LaToya Cantrell, they strove to highlight a "woman of tomorrow" identified by the Mayor. I was invited to select a student who could reflect the values of the mayor. I nominated Cleo because she has a brilliant mind and strives to excel in everything she does. She wants to tell the story of women everywhere by producing documentaries and writing stories that highlight the resilience of women and their potential for achieving great things. In this regard, she seems to mirror the interests of Mayor Cantrell, who also majored in political science at Xavier University, who hailed from California but relocated to Louisiana. Mayor Cantrell was intrigued by their similarities and accepted my nomination. The Jane Club membership was happy to raise $10,000 in support of Cleo's scholastic promise.